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A kind of tribute.

2013-05-14 06:12:40 by weyden

Some long over due Mortal Kombat animations are coming.

Not KSZ4 but a spin off if you will.


2013-02-04 04:33:43 by weyden

Long time, no updates...or work.

Just finished up a part on this collab. Should be out soon.

Kill Sub-Zero 4 is not dead yet, just not back in motion yet.


KSZ4 and other thing

2010-05-02 09:43:41 by weyden

I will start workin on finishing Kill Sub-Zero 4 and the other flash I was making soon hopefully to get them out of the way.

But untill then here is me at McDonalds =)~

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Also here's a pic of the other thing im workin on~

KSZ4 and other thing

Small side project. KSZ4 on hold for now

2010-03-02 10:59:42 by weyden

I got kinda boring workin with MK sprites so im taking a shortl break.. Im working on another small sprite movie. KSZ4 will come out. I do have somewhat an idea how its all going to pan out, but its just for shits an giggles :)

So until then...

Go drifting

KSZ4 will come.....eventually.

2010-02-17 08:46:35 by weyden

Hopefully I can come up with something for part 4 haha


2010-02-07 05:14:13 by weyden

Kill Sub-Zero 3 in the works?